Wiki Sandbox

Feel free to use this page to experiment with the Text Formatting Rules. Just click the "Edit Page" link at the bottom of the page.

Some of the formatting used in this wiki:

  • Page title: (:title Accueil:)
  • language switcher:
    • %right% [-'''FR''' | [[Main/HomePageEN|EN]] -] (on pages in French)
    • %right% [-[[Main/HomePage|FR]] | '''EN''' -] (on pages in English)
  • table of contents header: !! [[#contents]] Table des matières
  • index entry pointing to an internal link within the page: * [[#titre1|Titre 1]]
  • header of subsection linked in the index: !!! [[#titre1]] Titre 1
  • end of page with links to home, category/section, etc.:

Retour à [[Main/HomePage|la page d'accueil]].

Retour à la page d'accueil.